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Effortless English という名前からして、努力なしで英会話ということなのですが、地道な努力は必要でそれにプラス何年勉強しても英会話ができない日本人などに話せる英語への近道を説いてくれていると理解してください。








Why do some students learn English so easily -- but others try everything and learn slowly? Are you angry because you have studied English many years, but still can't communicate?


What if there was a way you could learn 15%, 25% -- even 50% faster, how would your life change? What if you could understand native speakers quickly and speak English easily and automatically?


If you could read just one article about how to learn English like a native speaker, this is it. Read all of this article and change the way you study English.


If you are learning English to...


*communicate with native speakers


*pass the iBT TOEFL or TOEIC


*understand English books and articles


*understand English TV and movies


*make new English speaking friends


... you are about to learn the most important truth about how to make an effective English study plan.


What is the most important method for English learning? If you asked what would give you more English than any other method, I would tell you, definitely -- it's the ability to understand native English speakers. That's because the most important skill for learning English is.... listening.


Listen closely. You could spend a lot of money on English schools, textbooks, CDs, and websites -- but all that study isn't going to help if you can't understand English, because you won't be able to use anything you learn.


In the next 5 minutes, I'll show you how to easily learn skills to increase your English ability 20%, 30%, or even 50%.


Here are a few things you'll learn when you read this article:


* Why 99.9% of English schools fail -- how they break rules of English learning -- and so fail to teach their students successfully.


* Why grammar study does not work -- and why it can kill your speaking ability.


* How to increase your vocabulary -- and remember it after you study.


* How to understand more -- and then speak English automatically.


There is a science to learning English. And there are rules about how to best learn the language. When these rules are followed, anyone can be successful.


This is an incredible opportunity for you -- but only if you take it. Your first step is to read all of this article. Please read carefully -- I don't want you to miss a word-- because when I explain English learning for you, you cannot fail. You will improve your listening, vocabulary, speaking, grammar, and iBT TOEFL scores.


The True Power of Language Learning


Interesting and understandable English is the key to learning English. Real and interesting English gives you power to learn -- and real, understandable English has the power to completely change your English.


The best English learners are children, of course. Why? Because they don't study grammar and they don't learn from textbooks. They learn first from listening-- then later from listening and reading.


The most powerful English learners are children and the adults who copy children's methods. They speak like native speakers. They have excellent pronunciation. They learn vocabulary quickly and easily. They understand grammar automatically.


Why Most Students Fail


You would think that because there are so many books about learning English, most students must have great English skill. This isn't true.


There are many students who know grammar rules, but very few students can actually use English. Most speak slowly and painfully.


MYTH: The best way to learn English is to study grammar. Wrong!


Obviously, just because someone knows grammar doesn't mean they are good at English. Here's a surprise: Students who study a lot of grammar are usually worse at English than those who don't study grammar. That's because grammar rules confuse them. Grammar rules prevent them from being fluent. Children don't learn English by studying grammar- you shouldn't either.


What most people don't know is that grammar "rules" are not really rules. As you know, the rules you learn in textbooks are confusing, too difficult, or even wrong. They confuse you.


Therefore, learning more grammar will not improve your English. Simply studying vocabulary words won't help either. Obviously, these methods are not successful.



"Did you know that grammar study can actually kill your English ability?"


Why? Because grammar study slows your brain. It confuses you. It makes you think about English, instead of speaking automatically. This is a proven fact. Grammar study and textbooks are not effective. They cause you to think about English. They make you translate English-- what you want to do is use English easily, without thinking.


Therefore, to learn English like a native speaker, you need another way.


Secrets of an English Teacher


My name is A.J Hoge. I started teaching English 10 years ago when I worked in Korea, teaching children. Over the past 10 years, I've taught both children and adults. I've taught at Universities in The United States (Lanier Technical College), Thailand (Thammasat University), and Japan (Hirodai University). I have a Masters Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


When teaching in Japan, I saw that most students learn slowly. After 5 years of English, they could not speak English. They could not communicate. They could not understand me. For them, English was painful and difficult.


But I also saw a few different students. These few learned quickly. They understood me. They talked to me easily. They enjoyed English. Their grammar was better, their vocabulary was better, their test scores were better.


I asked myself, "Why are these few students so much better? What are they doing differently?" I asked all of my students questions too. I asked them how they studied. I asked them what they studied. I learned why some students learned easily and quickly, but most failed.


After Japan, I studied students more carefully. I interviewed hundreds of students. I read research articles. I talked to people who spoke 3, 4,-- even 9 languages. I wanted to find the secret to learning English.


At the end of 2006, I knew I had the answer. I finally had enough knowledge and experience. I knew why a few students succeeded, but most others failed.


In October 2006, I started my own English teaching program. I wanted to teach English successfully. I wanted to help students truly learn English.